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I found this around and I just... I love answering questions IC. >_>;

Character - The three guys I posted on this site in the past. Tiana- BE Priest, Yunel- BE Hunter, Chandra- Human Mage.

1. What is your name?
T- Tiana... *small pause* Sunshadow.
Y- Yunel Embershade.
C- Do you really care? I go with Chandra Flamereaver these days.

2. Do you know why you were given that name?
T- The first name... Well, I guess my parents just liked the sound. The last name... *sighs* My family name was... Stripped from me some years ago. Sunshadow is my husband's.
Y- It appears I was named after an ancestor. *smiles proudly* He was the first ranger in my family... All the way back before Azshara.
C- *shrug* I got the last name after I burned a guy to death. I don't know about the first one, though.

3.  Are you single or taken?
T- Happily married. To... Revan Sunshadow. A member of the Royal Apothecary Society. *suddenly turns colder, stares at you as if daring you to comment on this.*
Y- I... Don't really want to talk about this. *with a dark look. After some prodding he sighs.* I was married, happy. Wife and child. Now they're- *gulps and looks away* ... Let's say I'm available.
C- I've got a man. A damn fine one at that.

4. Do you have any abilities or powers?
T- I am a priestess of the Holy Light, with everything that entails. In my youth, I used to weave magic into clothing for a living... So, I guess I'm able to do that, too. And I am learning some alchemy basics from my husband.
Y- I'm the best tracker you'll ever need. *grins smugly* Damn fine archer too, if I say so myself. Also learnt to fight on the back of my dragonhawk.
C- *Lights hand on fire* This enough for you?

5. Stop being a Mary-Sue!
T- I... *looks confused* Did I offend you, sir?
Y- This again? I'm a man!
C- Why don't you say that again to my face, you little piece of- *censored*

6. What is your eye colour?
T- Well... Green. Even though some say they detect a hint of golden light. *thoughtful* It must be due to my... Choice of faith? Or something like that.
Y- ... Forest green. Not a lot of variety in Silvermoon at that.
C- Hazelnut brown, or something? I've been told they glow like lava when I light stuff on fire. Wanna try? *raises hand with a grin*

7. And your hair colour?
T- Black. Like my parents.
Y- What did that bard keep saying? "Pale gold", whatever.
C- You blind? I'm blonde.

8. Do you have any relatives?
T- Well, I... My parents are still alive, but we don't... Talk much. I don't think they count me as a daughter anymore. *ears flop down* And... I had a brother, but I've only seen him rarely in the last few years. He's always been a... Mysterious character.
Y- ... Not living, no.
C- Who knows? Most importantly, who cares?

9. Oh, well how about pets?
T- Well, I used to take care of a friend's cat while she was travelling. *smiles fondly* And... Revan transmuted a small fire sprite. It follows us around now. Does that count?
Y- A battle dragonhawk called Flariel. Majestic beast, really.
C- Can't stand animals.

10. Oh, that's cool. Now tell me of something you don't like.
T- I...  This is actually an hard question. *laughs awkwardly* I... Guess I dislike conflict, in a way. From arguments to battles... I never take it particularly well.
Y- Mages.
C- Water. And people asking too many questions.

11. Do you have hobbies or activities?
T- Well... I do love reading, and a constructive discussion. I spent a long time talking about philosophy and religion with my husband... I guess you could say it's what brought us together. *blushing a bit* As for more practical occupations... I enjoy working at the loom. It helps me relax.
Y- I carve wood when I have nothing to do.
C- ... Does drinking count?

12. Have you ever hurt anyone before?
T- It wasn't a light decision, but... Yes. *grimly* I have killed to protect myself and others. This is a dark time indeed.
Y- I'm a good fighter, with a bow or a sword. And I was a ranger of Quel'thalas. What do you think?
C- Oh, I'm about to hurt someone right now...

13. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
T- What a weird question... I'm guessing some kind of bird. Or a cat. *giggles* I do love cats.
Y- A dragonhawk. *quickly and surely.*
C- What?

14. What are your worst habits?
T- Some people find me preachy, and I can't really disprove them, can I?
Y- I guess drinking on the job is not the best quality to have, eh? It's getting worse, I guess. *looks away*
C- I restrain myself for too long when people need a beating. *narrows eyes at you*

15. Do you idolise anyone at all?
T- I used to put Revan on quite the pedestal. *blushes* Ever since we met, I idolised him. Now... As I got to know him better, it turned into love.
Y- My father. He was... So much more than I could ever hope to be.
C- *smirks* Does Ragnaros count? 

16. Are you straight, gay or bisexual?
T- ... *coughs, turning bright red* I... Was never a really carnal person. But you could say I prefer men?
Y- Why, are you interested? *chuckles* I'm not picky.
C- I like men. But if you're willing to pay enough... *amused*

17. Do you go to school?
T- I trained at the Sunfury Spire, but it is a thing of the past. Now I mentor young priests who wish to learn from me.
Y- Do I look like an apprentice to you?
C- What.

18. Do you ever want to marry and have children?
T- I'm married already. As for children... *her face falls* I don't really think that would be an option, even if we were to try and adopt. Not many accept our bond, I fear.
Y- ... No. *darkly*
C- Are you crazy?

19. What do you usually wear?
T- I sew most of my robes myself. Nothing too daring, usually in whites and golds.
Y- Light armor, mostly. *Snorts* When I don't need protection, I go with light tunics. I had a thing for leathers, a few years back... Now it's mostly greens and browns. Or red. I do like red.
C- Whatever's laying around.

20. Which food tempts you the most?
T- I do love sweets.
Y- Red meat. Rare.
C- Anything spicy will do.

21. Am I getting on your nerves?
T- No, of course not. *kindly* 
Y- *shrug* Got nothing better to do right now.
C- Oh, you finally noticed?

22.  Well it isn't over yet.
T- All right.
Y- Let's go on, then.
C- Why, you...

23. What class are you? (High, middle or low class)
T- I... Was a noble, but I don't think I figure on the family tree anymore. *with a sad little smile*
Y- I've got enough money to get by. Adventuring pays well.
C- I'm not even in the census, I think. *snorts*

24. How many friends do you have?
T- Many, I'm happy to say. But lately I haven't heard much from them. My husband and I travelled alone for a few months.
Y- Pleasant acquaintances... A lot. Friends? I think I can count them on one hand.
C- None of your business.

25. What are your thoughts on pie?
T- Pie! I love pie.
Y- As long as it's any good...
C- Not a picky eater.

26. And what is your favourite drink?
T- That would have to be hot milk, or moonberry juice.
Y- Any good ol' Pandaren ale will do.
C- Sweet, sweet Grog.

27. Do you have a favourite place?
T- The Aldor terrace in Shattrath. It's where Revan proposed to me.
Y- A cliff in Eversong Woods. You can see the whole forest from there. It's beautiful even after the Dead Scar ruined the landscape.
C- Again, why do you care?

28. Would you prefer to go swimming a lake or the ocean?
T- I'm not really the swimming type, but a lake would be nice, I think?
Y- The Erlendar river is a wonderful place to swim, if you keep away from the trolls.
C- I hate water.

29. What is your type?
T- Intellectual, understanding, and kind. *smiles fondly* The exterior matters little.
Y- I have a thing for long hair. I like my women active, but feminine- not dollies looking to be saved. As for men... Athletic and lean.
C- Tall, dark and handsome? *sighs* Not you, anyway.

30.  Do you have any fetishes?
T- I... Um... *starts blubbering incoherently and turns bright red*
Y- Not for you to know, is it? *winks*
C- I'm all about power games.

31. Seme or uke?
T- *the blubbering continues*
Y- Oh, I'm flexible.
C- And wouldn't you like to know.

32. Do you prefer camping or being indoors?
T- I'm a very indoorsy type, I guess.
Y- Nothing like sleeping under a tree.
C- Whatever hole is available. *shrugs*

33. Do you still want this quiz to end?
T- As you wish.
Y- I'll find something to do, I guess.
C- Please.


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A 20-year-old language student. Trying my hand at life.

I enjoy digital painting as well as drawing by hand, mainly recreating my original characters or favourites from the shows I enjoy.

Current fandom is World of Warcraft.

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