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Speedpaint - Tiana by ChiakiAkito
Speedpaint - Tiana
A couple of hours in OC, as I needed to make a profile pic and didn't have anything ready. Quite satisfied with this.
Aelir Morningale by ChiakiAkito
Aelir Morningale
New OC! For a pen-and-paper WoW campaign, set just at the beginning of Pandaria. We're using Pathfinder- the guy's a Spell Dancer, a battle-caster who focuses on mobility and blends magic and swordfighting.

I had a pretty long post about his origins and the campaign, but my computer ATE it with no good reason. In synthesis: he's a young sin'dorei, about 115- which is barely more than the age of majority in my headcanon. He's the apprentice of a Sunreaver magister by the name of Thandaer Runebinder. His mentor was assigned a diplomatic mission with the Alliance- go to Stormwind disguised as a Quel'dorei and open negotiations for an alliance between Quel'thalas and Stormwind. He brought Aelir along to see more of the world. 
Meanwhile, the Mists have just opened and Horde and Alliance are bringing the strife to Pandaria. Hoping to calm the hostilities before they ruin a new, peaceful land that has nothing to do with them, Anduin Wrynn started gathering like-minded people for an expedition. Thandaer suggested his apprentice, and here is where we begun. By now, our ship has been assaulted by a small fleet that was apparently trying to take down the prince, and we shipwrecked somewhere along Pandaria's shores.

Aelir's a nice guy, still kind of naive because of his age and his pampered upbringing: he's hardly ever seen a real fight beyond the Scourge sacking Silvermoon. He's spent most of his life learning and he sees everything as either an interesting new study matter or a test of his knowledge.
He killed someone with a spell just a few hours ago- he was quite deadly, in fact, taking down three out of four opponents before he realized what was happening. I... Do look forward to seeing his reaction when he gets the time to process that.

Can you tell I'm having too much fun?

Also I can't colour gold. I hope it's not too obvious.
Just woke up, maybe this is gonna help me fire up my brain XD

Name: Chiara
Age - 20
Gender - Female
Sexual Orientation - Mostly straight, though I did crush on a girl in the past.
Height - 1.72 m
Hair Colour - Dark blond, brown in the winter- depends on how much sunlight I get.
Favourite Feature - My eyes. They're a nice, light colour- something between blue and green. Gray in cloudy days. If you look close enough, you can see little yellow specks. I love those.

Home Life
Parent's Marital Status - Past their 45th year of marriage!
State/Area you live in - Northern Italy
What does your room look like - A square, not-too-big room with a double bed which I share with my boyfriend, a desk which is NEVER empty enough to use as a desk, a chair buried in clothes, a wardrobe with pokémon plushies on the top, a drawer piled with books and action figures, and a bean bag. Oh, and the ceiling is kinda falling apart. Landlord refuses to fix it.
Favourite Food - Anything covered in chocolate will do.
When do you usually go to sleep - Between 11pm and 3am.
When do you usually wake up - Between 6:30am and 9am.

Right now
Listening to - My boyfriend snoring, birds outside the window, and someone mowing their lawn somewhere in the city.
Eating - Nothing. Gonna get some tea&cookies soon.
Wearing - A nightgown.
Talking to - My boyfriend, just teasing him since he said he was gonna get up two hours ago.
Feeling - Sleepy still.
Happy about - A nice RP I had yesterday night.
Sad about - No money, no job for my bf, exams soon... And so on and so forth.

Song - Usually goes with the mood. Cohen's Hallelujah is a constant, though.
Person - My boyfriend.
Member of your family - My mother is the sweetest, gentlest person ever.
Animal - Definitely cats. My family usually owns at least four at any given time!
Thing to wear - A nice pair of denim hotpants I bought last year.
Day of the week - Tuesday. I get a rest day between lessons in the middle of the week, so every shop is open and I can do stuff!
Thing to do - RPing, gaming in general, writing and drawing. Reading is up there too, but I've done very little of it lately.
Drink - Fresh, cool, plain water. I'd rather have tea in the morning, but I'm not one for complicated beverages.
Thing about yourself - My creativity, I guess.
Thing to talk about - RP. My characters are usually expanded upon in detail to anyone who is willing to be bored to death by my rambling.

Have you ever
Bungee jumped - No, but I'd love to.
Gone skinny dipping - Nope, but I did spend two weeks completely naked at my boyfriend's house last summer.
Smoked - I tried one cigarette when I was in middle school and I almost choked. Hate the flavour and smell.
Drank - At parties I might indulge in cocktails if they don't taste too alcoholic, or maybe a glass of Baileys or some other sweet liquor. As with cigarettes, I just dislike the flavour of alcohol.
Cried of joy - No occasion comes to mind, but I've certainly been moved that far by someone.
Been to the beach - Used to go every year with my parents.
Skipped school - Not without my parents knowing, but they did allow me one day off when I was going through a particularly hard time.
Been suspended or expelled - Nah.
Been on TV - Maybe on some local channel, or in the middle of a crowd, but not on my own. I've been on a newspaper, at least.
Made someone cry - Yes.
Fallen in love - I'd say so.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
A 21-year-old language student. Trying my hand at life.

I enjoy digital painting as well as drawing by hand, mainly recreating my original characters or favourites from the shows I enjoy.

Current fandom is World of Warcraft.

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